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The Cookie Children Books were created to be an ice breaker for parents and kids to communicate, learn, and develop into the many stages of life in a fun yet informative way. Our books are utilized as a great segue into the "BIG TALK", self development, planning and more! Our series was made for girls who have the incredibily difficult decision of upholding traditional beliefs, and value systems that have been passed down by older generations OR the new era of being promiscuous and experimenting at an early age. 

In an ideal world kids would listen to the advice parents give until they are mature enough to handle all what comes with making life changing decisions. Needless to say this is far fetched in this day and time when kids have numerous options to explore, and paths to take. No matter the path your child chooses for themselves, reading the story of Lauren and Robbie, and expressing their thoughts is a great way to enter into the adolescent chapter of life in a revealing, engaging, yet enjoyable way.